Who We Are

Simply Pure Rx is a specialty Pharmacy consisting of dedicated pharmacists and health care experts excelling in the field of compounded and non-compounded pharmaceuticals. Our expert pharmacists review, consult and create custom dosages and dosage forms personalized for every patient. Our products are made without adding unnecessary preservatives, coloring or perfume to help prevent side effects and optimize drug therapy.

Quality Is Our Mission

At Simply Pure Rx we are dedicated to continuously providing personalized and custom medications using the latest technology and resources setting the standard for innovation in the pharmacy industry. Our advanced systems allow the pharmacist to focus completely on your prescription and providing the highest quality care every time. Our vision is to be the pharmacy of choice for the Chicagoland area providing health care professionals and consumers the highest quality custom pharmaceuticals supported by decades of experience and research. It is our mission to modernize the pharmacy experience with specialized patient care to help the public lead healthier and happier lives.


Patient centered therapy

Supplied with the latest and advanced pharmaceutical compounding equipment, our pharmacists can create the best possible drug therapy for every patient and consumer. Simply Pure Rx firmly believes that patient centered medication delivery should be the standard in today’s increasing demand for healthy lifestyles.

Simply Pure Rx is a change from traditional pharmacies today by providing patients and consumers a customized array of prescription and over the counter medications. While traditional pharmacies focus on volume and lack the personal connection to patients, Simply Pure Rx vows to introduce individualized prescription and quality care with patients and modernize the current pharmacy experience.